The Team
Dr. Erin Simons-Legaard, Research Assistant Professor in Forest Landscape Modeling. Erin has a PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Maine, and since graduating has developed a successful research program in forest landscape ecology and wildlife habitat modeling/monitoring. Recently, she has primarily focused on projections of Maine’s complex working forest to address landscape-scale questions concerning interactions between forestry, spruce budworm, climate change, and forest policy. Erin is the project leader for ForEST App development.

Dr. Kasey Legaard, Research Assistant Professor of Geospatial Analytics and Machine Learning. Kasey completed his PhD in Forest Resources at the University of Maine, during which he developed a unique machine learning algorithm that addresses critical issues associated with nearly all existing spatial products. He has since been working closely with the University of Maine’s Advanced Computing Group to implement his developed algorithm on the university’s supercomputer. He is the project leader for our Intelligent Geosolutions Initiative.

Dr. Aaron Weiskittel, CRSF and Center for Advanced Forestry Systems Director, Professor of Forest Biometrics and Modeling. Aaron has been on the University of Maine faculty since 2008, after completing graduate degrees at Oregon State University. He is an internationally recognized scientist with 120 peer-reviewed publications and a highly cited textbook. He works directly with multiple landowners across North America on issues ranging from forest growth and yield modeling, inventory, LiDAR, and certification.

Dr. Torsten Hahmann, Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Science, also affiliated with the National Center for Geographic Information and Anaysis (NCGIA) at UMaine. Torsten has a PhD from the University of Toronto. He directs the Spatial Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (SKAI) lab, where his research covers the areas of artificial intelligence in spatial informatics, specifically working on geospatial ontologies and, more generally, knowledge representation, logic, and automated reasoning.

Colin Warhola, UMaine Scientific Research Assistant. Colin has a MS from the School of Computing and Information Science. His primary interests are in GIS app development and database engineering.

Chris Wilson, Data Architect at the UMaine Advanced Computing Group and Founder of Cyterex LLC. Chris has a MA and BA in pure Mathematics from the University of Maine and is a Computer Science PhD candidate. His primary research interest is Artificial Intelligence, namely intent recognition, context-aware computing, and intelligent assistive technology.

Leo Edmiston-Cyr, UMaine Special Project Assistant. Leo earned a BS in Physics from Frostburg State University, Frostburg MD. He has experience in the full software development lifecycle, web service and engineering management.