Maine office of GIS township layer
Average budworm moth catch (2014-2018)
Vulnerability to spruce budworm mortality, predicted based on host species relative abundance and forest age (Hennigar et al. 2011, Journal of Forestry 109:332-342). Classes presented from least vulnerable (Non-host Forest) to most vulnerable (Fir-Dominated Host Forest, Mature).
Areas with greater than 50% probability of occurrence for Canada lynx (Simons-Legaard et al. 2013, Journal of Wildlife Management 77:567-578), predicted based on forest composition and age.
Relative abundance of balsam fir biomass.
Vulnerability Data

Balsam Fir

Lynx Probability
Break 1:
Break 2:
Break 3:
Break 4:
Break 5:

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